The Difference is Your Attitude

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Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai #atozchallenge

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Change is a Decision

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Planchette- Part 85


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You ARE Beautiful

Simple Tom

Please share this on your blog and with everyone. This is such a POWERFUL message and everyone needs to hear this! Its so incredibly powerful in shaping the way that we see ourselves.

– So that you TRULY see yourself as the beautiful person you are.

Please share this.

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New Title Reviews for April 2013

New Titles for April 2013

ART IDEAS 24.95 6+
Big Book of Drawing, Doodling and Colouring PB

This is not a combined volume – it’s a selection of materials from the other Drawing, Doodling and Colouring books. It’s terrific value, having approximately twice as many pages as one of the individual books at much less than twice the price. I think this one may also prove to be a better seller.

ART IDEAS 15.95 3+
My Very First Art Famous Paintings HC

This is a lovely book. There are dozens of famous paintings, carefully selected to appeal to young children. Each painting is accompanied by facts about the artist and the way they worked and many have ‘try it yourself’ projects exploring the looks or methods used. This is rather like a much younger version of the Art Treasury, which has always been a very strong seller to teachers in particular.

Baby’s Very First Books Tray

This is the same deal as the Very First Black and White Books tray which came out last month. It contains Baby’s Very First Outdoors, Bedtime, Mealtime and Animals books in the full-size padded covers, packaged in a tray which makes them very easy to wrap as a gift – a super shower or christening gift.

BIG BOOKS 16.95 3+
Big Book of Big Monsters HC

This book was previewed at convention, and everyone was very excited about it. The monsters are all beasts from myths and legends, featuring in huge format on the big fold-out pages. You’ll find dragons and serpents, sea monsters, ogres, giants and mixed-up monsters, including the yeti, Cerberus, Cylops Kraken, Scylla, Nessie, gryphons and lots more. Actually a rather nice introduction to mythology. The illustrations are all very cartoony. Fine for all those little boys who love things with too many teeth.

Zoo PB/Stk

Dozens of different zoo animals to colour and stickers to use in this latest addition to the first
colouring books.

100 First English Words Sticker Book PB

This is aimed at little children, who will have fun matching the picture and word stickers to the pages as they build their vocabulary in this interactive first word book. There are a hundred everyday words to discover. This is aimed not only at native English speakers but also at children learning English as a second language. It includes over 200 stickers to add to the pages and a pronunciation guide to listen to at Usborne Quicklinks – a really neat feature for kids learning English.
100 First Spanish Words Sticker Book PB
100 First French Words Sticker Book PB
Each of these books is the same as the English version: the pages have the name in the foreign language with the English name in smaller print underneath, but the stickers which you place over the text only have the foreign language.
The really neat feature with these is the pronunciation guide on Quicklinks, where you can hear the words pronounced by a native speaker of the language – a real selling point for language learners. Often when kids are in immersion programs their parents don’t speak the new language and need all the help they can get in order to support their child’s learning!

First Illustrated Science Dictionary PB

This completes our set of Science Dictionaries so that, like with the Math dictionaries we have a ‘First’, a ‘Junior’ and a main Dictionary. They’re aimed principally at parents, as a resource for homework help using all the right vocabulary and concepts which their child encounters at school. It includes a section on ‘What is science?’, as well information about living things, materials, forces, light, sound and electricity, space, and scientific investigations. There are
definitions of terms and concepts with lots of bright pictures and examples. One of the things Usborne are outstandingly good at is explaining even quite complex concepts in terms children can easily understand, making subjects accessible to them, and this new title carries on that tradition. There are also links to websites with science games, puzzles and experiments.

Cars PB/Stk

Place the car stickers into the scenes, loading them onto a car ferry, at the gas station car show, in the car wash and on lots of busy roads. Great fun.

SEE INSIDE 17.95 6+
See Inside Trains HC Ff

Trains are a  popular theme, and they fit very nicely into the See Inside series. You can explore trains through the ages from the golden age of steam, through diesels and electric right up to modern bullet and maglev trains. See inside the workings of a tank engine (did you ever wonder what made Thomas a ‘tank engine’?), peek inside the luxurious
coaches of the Orient Express, see the first underground trains, as well as some really unusual trains such as funicular trains and rack and pinion trains designed to function on some of the steepest tracks in the world. It’s  a very nice addition to the series.

SNAP CARDS 10.95 3+
Travel Snap Cards

It’s a mini world tour, with various famous places featuring on the cards – Big Ben, Angkor Wat Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Colosseum, Great Wall of China, Pyramids of Giza, Miyajima Shrine (Japan), St Basil’s Cathedral (Russia) big statue of Christ the Redeemer that stands over Rio Janeiro, Sydney Opera House, and the White House. the back side of all the cards has a map of the world with all the famous sites shown – it’s a potted world tour!

Parties and Shopping Girls PB/Stk Bu

A combined volume of two of the most recent titles in the series. These sticker books all sell very  well!

Action Heroes 2 PB/Stk

Calling Jen Bridle – there are paramedics in this one!! (Jen’s husband is a paramedic and she always bemoans the fact that the firemen get all the exposure in books about emergency personnel – looks like Jenny was listening!). the action heroes in this book, as in the first Action Heroes book, are not Arnie Schwartzenegger types – they’re disaster relief teams, underground rescue teams, aid workers, coastguards, forensic officers and – paramedics! There are also some more conventional military-type heroes on night missions, jungle missions and some sneaky spies on secret missions.


These are both more sophisticated, older sticker books including lots of solid information on the subjects as well as stickers to enhance the experience – the same format as, for instance, the Titanic sticker book.

Famous Paintings Sticker Book PB

How is this different to the other art sticker books we have? Well, it explores different themes, with double pages focusing on topics such as ‘Showtime’ (Mucha theatre posters, Degas’ ballet dancers etc), ‘Daily Life’, ‘Towns and Cities’ (Canaletto’s views of Venice), ‘The Great Outdoors’ (Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, Constable’s ‘The Hay Wain’), Portraits, Children Weather and lots more. This is a great introduction to some of the world’s great paintings,
including the Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earing, American Gothic, Sunflowers Scream, Ophelia and much more.

Pompeii Sticker Book PB

This follows the dramatic story of the day in 79AD when Vesuvius exploded, covering the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum in a coating of ash which, which wiping out the populations, preserved the towns to give us a window into the world of Ancient Rome. Learn about how people lived – what they ate, what they woreir trades and crafts, how children were educated, about their gods and goddesses – all beautifully illustrated with pictures and stickers of items from Pompeii – ordinary everyday items, mosaics and wall paintings – all manner of clues from which we can build up a picture of the world they lived in. I love this one – it took me back to great memories of visiting Pompeii on an Usborne trip to Italy a few years back.

That’s Not My Meerkat BB

This is just adorable – That’s not my meerkat – his cheeks are too squashy, it’s back is too fuzzy, it’s nose
is too smooth, it’s tail is too fluffy – That’s my meerkat, its tummy is so soft! Squeee!!

WIPE-CLEAN 8.95 3+

These are rather more sophisticated wipe-cleans, aimed at the next age group up from the ones we’ve had so far. The Wipe-Cleans have sold extremely well.

Wipe-Clean First Sums PB

A very simple introduction to the concepts of addition and subtraction, allowing children to practice again and again, using the wipe-clean pen. the activities are fun and friendly as they help little monsters with their math, including counting balloons at a birthday party and adding up the monsters’ eyes and teeth.

Wipe-Clean First Words PB

A similar concept to ‘First Letters’ but now there’s lots more writing, still tracing over the lines in pictures but also with whole words to write. the last few pages take it a step further, just giving you the first letter of a word and letting you complete it, and then showing pictures of objects with short, simple names (stuff life ‘bed’ ‘pig’, ‘sun’, ‘cow’ etc) and inviting you to write the words yourself.

Wipe-Clean Telling the Time PB

Lots more friendly monsters who need help with their timekeeping this time. Children are introduced to the time of day and to both analogue and digital clock faces. They can draw over the hands of the clocks as they learn to tell the time, and build up to puzzles where they have to draw in the hands themselves. It’s awfully important for kids to learn to tell the time on analogue clocks (i.e. clocks or watches with hands rather than digital numbers) as kids can read the time off a digital clock without really understanding the concept of hours and passing time in the same way that can be achieved with a clock face. This is a fun way of learning all sorts of time concepts.


These have gone from flexicover binding to a straight paperback binding but are otherwise the same as the existing titles.

Anglo-Saxons & Vikings PB
Tudors and Stuarts PB

Prehistoric World PB

This is one of the 4 sections from the World History Encyclopedia (the others are the Medieval World Ancient World and the Last 500 Years). It’s a long time since we’ve had this one in a separate edition. Lots of dinosaurs and cavemen – a fascinating introduction to prehistory.

Please feel free to go on my website: and learn a lot more about these amazing books. There are many more. Usborne has over 2,000 titles to choose from! That’s a lot of books!

Thank you,

Brooke-Lee Lamoureux


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Game for Learning

Great Website!!



An interesting website worth visiting

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That’s My Dream Job! – Usborne Books at Home

Make money, make a difference, have fun! As an Usborne Consultant you can build a flexible home-based business selling Usborne books to family, friends, parents, schools, libraries and organizations throughout Canada.

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April 10, 2013 · 6:35 pm

Usborne Publishing

Usborne Publishing started in 1973 with the aim of creating entertaining, colorful and friendly books that children would love. Usborne’s first, best book was the Know How Book of Spy craft  quickly followed by series such as First Thousand Words and Farmyard Tales which are both still in print today.

In May 2012, Usborne was rewarded with ongoing success when Usborne was named the Children’s Publisher of the Year at The Bookseller Industry Awards – a prize that was thrilled to accept. The judges called Usborne “a powerhouse that retains a good, independent spirit” and praised our results: “its figures are incredible and this is a sustainable business still striving for more growth.” Me, being an Independent Children’s Book Consultant, would have to agree. I am proud to be part of a sustainable business and also proud to be sharing this success with all those who are interested in Usborne Books.

Usborne Books has almost a book for every kind of child. Usborne Books publish cot, cloth, and bath books for babies and early years books to help children to develop essential early reading skills. Usborne’s Very First Reading Series and the Usborne Reading Program helps children and their parents through the difficult stage when they are learning to read on their own. Then, when they are able to read independently  children can choose to read a Usborne book on whatever interests them, from dinosaurs to submarines, fairy tales to world history.

Thank you to Usborne for your continuing support and enthusiasm for our children.

Thank you,

Brooke-Lee Lamoureux

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My Usborne Bookshelf with Children’s Learning Books & More

Peter Usborne talks about his new Very First Reading Program

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